Trinity Academy student competes with the best in Europe

Trinity Academy

Tuesday, 2nd January 2018

Trinity Academy student competes with the best in Europe

PETITE teenager is punching above her weight

A PETITE teenager is punching above her weight to prove she can fight with the best in Europe.

Latisha Garbett, 13, of Dunscroft, was Yorkshire taekwondo champion last year and has now added a silver medal from the British national championships to her haul of prizes.

Her most successful year to date also saw her gain a bronze medal in trials for Team GB.

Latisha, who is a student at Trinity Academy, in Thorne, has fought in Holland, Austria, Brussels and London this year and will add Germany to her European competitions next year.

A red-black belt, she explained that her mum encouraged her to take up taekwondo.

“I was quiet and a bit timid so she looked around for something that might help build my confidence. I was nervous at first but I ended up winning my first competition, so that spurred me on to do more,” said Latisha.

“I really like fighting. It has built my confidence and if I don’t win it just makes me want to try again.”

Latisha trains with Ultimate in Armthorpe, often against older teammates.

“You need good flexibility, which I have from when I used to dance. Training with people who are taller and more experienced makes me a better fighter I think,” she added.

After losing by only two points to last year’s European bronze medallist, Latisha is going into her final year in the cadets category aiming to win the competition to secure a place in Team GB.

David Page, principal of Trinity Academy, said: “Latisha is a quiet, unassuming student who clearly comes into her own when she’s fighting. We hope she continues to be successful into 2018.”