Trinity Academy pupils make caring career choices

Trinity Academy

Wednesday, 18th April 2018

Trinity Academy pupils make caring career choices

STUDENTS with a social conscience are aiming to make their contribution to wider society

STUDENTS with a social conscience are aiming to make their contribution to wider society with their career choices following school.

Three girls who are studying for A levels at Trinity Academy, in Thorne, have chosen university courses that they hope will lead to jobs supporting charities, the rehabilitation of offenders and those with mental illness.

Faith Bisby, 17, has an unconditional offer to read psychology at Lincoln University and eventually hopes to complete a masters researching neuro-degenerative diseases.

"I'm really passionate about psychology, it's the one subject I've really connected with. I have family members, and so do many other people, with degenerative diseases and I feel that if can contribute towards helping them then I really want to do that," explained Faith, who is from Thorne.

Emily Staples, 18, is also set to read psychology when she leaves the academy in the summer after being offered a place at Leeds University. She will concentrate on forensic psychology and hopes to work in prisons.

Emily, of Thorne, explained: "I'm in the Access to Leeds programme, which aims to widen participation in and give people like me an equal chance to access the university.

"I have to do an online course in preparation for university. I get support from tutors and help with revision skills and have to write a mini dissertation."

Emily is aiming for an A grade and two Bs in her psychology, English literature and history A levels to secure her place.

Christie Charnley, 18, of Hatfield Woodhouse, was unsure about her career choice but her organisational and leadership skills have taken her towards studying events management at Northumbria or Manchester, based on gaining two A grades and a B in her English literature, history and art A levels.

Christie, who completed the National Citizen Service in 2016, said: "I'm in the School Council at the academy and love getting involved in social action for charity and I'd like to do more of that. We're currently organising a tea party for local elderly residents.

"I think I'm quite creative so it will be great to be able to use that in a career where I can help others."

Jonathan Winch executive principal of Trinity Academy, said: "Developing character through service is something that's very high on our agenda as we seek to support our young people to be the best they can be and also to think about how they can contribute to wider society.

"Emily, Christie and Faith all have a wonderful attitude and a mindset of giving and those are exactly the qualities we hope to see in our students as they prepare to leave us and embark on the next stage of their lives."