Students from Bede Academy celebrate a year of outstanding school success

Bede Academy

Wednesday, 26th July 2017

Students from Bede Academy celebrate a year of outstanding school success

YOUNG achievers set the scene for a blockbusting event

YOUNG achievers at a Northumberland Academy set the scene for a blockbusting event as they celebrated a year of outstanding school success.

It was lights, camera, action as award-winning students from Bede Academy, Blyth, took to the stage to receive a host of accolades at the movie-themed prizegiving ceremony.

Head boy Daniel Collins and head girl Chloe Bell hosted the event in front of an audience of parents, teachers, governors and directors.

Trophies were presented for excellence, endeavour and improvement in a number of academic subjects alongside primary years, sports, community and character awards, by guest speaker Mr Alun Ebenezer, head of The Fulham Boys School.

Mr Ebenezer told the students: “School is transformational, it can transform your life but you must embrace it, grasp it and make your life extraordinary.

“I have been absolutely blown away by my visit to Bede Academy. I imagine that most young people here have had a brilliant year, some may look back with regret on their year and others may think it was satisfactory - but is satisfactory good enough?

“I believe school is brilliant, school is about getting young people to the next stage equipped for the challenges of life and perhaps some young people here may go out into the world and change it for the better – all great people sat in a school hall once.

“But the most important thing about school is character, the currency of the future is resilience, problem-solving, team-working, game-changing, never giving up and not being afraid to make a mistake. Even Einstein said: “I’m not particularly clever, I just stick at a problem longer than most!”.”

Mr Ebenezer, who has a proven track record of raising standards and school improvement throughout his 18-year career, also passed on words of wisdom for teachers and parents.

“Being a teacher is the best job in the world, it is your job to inspire young people to get them to think big, to ignite their imaginations and make school relevant,” he said.

“As a parent you also have a role to play in teaching young people to be men and women of character, challenge them, help to make them more independent and set the example of being a good role model for them to follow.”

Entertainment for the ceremony was provided by Bede Orchestra, Bede North Choir, Bede South Choir and the cast from the forthcoming academy production of The Sound of Music singing ‘So Long, Farewell’ and ‘Edelweiss’.

Student Jack Beall received rapturous applause for his piano solo of Mozart’s Sonata No.16 ‘Sonata Facile’ and academy dance troop Synchronicity performed a melody of routines including a gymnastics display and ballet routine.

The hotly contested House Cup was lifted by Cuthbert after a hard fought battle for honours against Aidan and Oswald.

Among the coveted accolades of the afternoon, Alice Holman, 14, was presented with the award for outstanding academic achievement.

Adam Swalwell, 16, received the Founders’ Award for Outstanding Student of the Year for his strength of character, commitment to drama and music, resilience, good sportsmanship, excellent academy progress and representing the core values of the academy.

Adam, who is hoping to study media and radio presenting, said: “The outstanding student award was a very unexpected surprise. It has been an honour and a privilege to be a part of Bede Academy.”

Head of school Julie Roberts added: “I would like to congratulate all of our award winners for seizing every opportunity available to them.

“For those students who are hoping to emulate the success of our winners next year it is never too late to get involved. Bede Academy will always be a place which supports students to live their life to the full.”

Academic Awards

Primary Years

French: Arwen Jenkins

Homework: Ruby Jones

Literacy: Lily Malligan

Mathematics: Alysse Clough

Music: Alyssa Pollard

Best Progress: Samuel Bussey

For Excellence: Liam Burns, Aysha Harris; Jason Goodfellow, Megan Moody; Alice Holman, Luke Purvis; Scarlett Carling, Zoe Watts.

For Endeavour: Arran Johnson, Jessica Bell; Mollie Longstaff, Cory Davison; Ashleigh Armstrong, Rochelle Dixon; Nathan Ridley, Alex Paton.

For Improvement: Lily Ann Wood, Christopher Hartfield; Holly Robinson, David Olive; Callum Smith, Kali Hedley; Lewis Robson, Ben Robinson.

Spelling: Finn Johnson, Liam Burns, Jessica Bate, Anna Kernohan.

Sports Awards

Primary Sports Award: Bridget Wood

Victor Ludorum: Stewart Bestford, Jack Wakenshaw, Khai Nguyen, Callum Jackson, Adrian Wray.

Victrix Ludorum; Holly Wade, Abbie Ross, Abby Cook, Megan Bird, Sophie Robson.

Sportsman of the Year: Elliot Cook

Sportswoman of the Year: Olivia Quinn

Sports Team of the Year: Year 8 Netball

Community Awards

Merit Champions: Farhan Ahmed, Kayleigh Leach, Jessica Richardson, Rachel Parsons / Olivia Quinn.

House Awards - Aidan: Leah Johnson, Austin Newman; Cuthbert: Eddie Hogg, Eve Turner; Oswald: Charlotte Penman, Daniel Barker

Special Awards

Primary Engineering: Mason Taylor

Technical Intelligence: Jacob Carr

SONIK Award for Extracurricular Involvement: Harry Kernohan

Contribution to the Local Community: Serena Chahal

Young Musician of the Year: Dylan Fletcher

Most Promising Musician: Jessica Bate

Short Story: Jade Mason

Thomas Award for Perseverance and Grit: Matthew Hunter

Best All-Round Achievement (Primary): Lily Turner

Outstanding Contribution (Primary): Esra Aydeniz

Outstanding Attendance: Rachel Young

Character Awards

Outstanding Academic Achievement: Alice Holman

Student of the Year: Adam Swalwell

House Cup: Cuthbert