Haughton Academy promotes education and the workplace

Education Village

Wednesday, 14th March 2018

Haughton Academy promotes education and the workplace

​HUNDREDS of school children are given a glimpse of their futures

HUNDREDS of school children have been given a glimpse of their futures in a week-long initiative to promote education and the workplace.

Haughton Academy, Darlington, which is part of the Education Village Academy Trust, became a market place for further education providers and employers as they gave students an insight into future opportunities.

Students from Years 7-11 were involved in the programme, which coincided with National Careers Week and involved colleges and employers from across the Tees Valley.

Year 7, 10 and 11 talked to further education providers while Year 8s quizzed employers on the best routes into careers and Year 9s tackled interview techniques.

EVAT learning mentor and careers officer Suzanne Lyon said: “The aim is to catch students as early as possible to open their eyes to the rich diversity of opportunities life has to offer.

“It is also invaluable experience engaging with adults who are not their usual teachers, which pushes them out of their comforts zones, boosts self-esteem and confidence and raises aspirations.

“The exercise also helps them to appreciate that what they learn in the classroom has real relevance to the world of work they will eventually enter.”

Darlington College retail and curriculum manager Maria Harrop said: “The Year 7s were fantastic and among the best students I have come across.

“I was very impressed by their enthusiasm and passion. They conducted themselves confidently, they were very well behaved and were working to a plan.”

For Haughton Academy student Sam Mulhall, 16, the session was an opportunity to ask Darlington College staff about how best to pursue his dreams in motor vehicle maintenance.

“I love cars and already have a Saturday job at A1 Body Repairs in Faverdale,” he said. “I have had a driving experience on the track at Croft Circuit in a Mini which was great and I can’t wait for when I’m old enough to have lessons.”