Haughton Academy holds service for WWI heroes

Education Village

Monday, 12th November 2018

Haughton Academy holds service for WWI heroes

HEROES of land, sea and air are remembered in respectful silence

HEROES of land, sea and air were remembered in respectful silence as a whole academy gathered to commemorate the centenary of World War I.

Hundreds of pupils from Haughton Academy, Darlington, part of the Education Village Academy Trust, watched as cadets from the Army, Navy, Royal Air Force and St John’s Ambulance marched through the school to honour those who gave their lives for their country.

The unit, led by Corporal Mitchell Agar, of the Royal Air Force Police, under the instruction of Haughton PE teacher and former Royal Military Policeman Corporal Nicholas Glynne-Jones, then placed a circlet of poppies at a plaque commemorating ex-Haughton pupi Corporal John Newton SAS killed in action in the 1982 Falkland Islands conflict.

“It was an honour to be asked to place the wreath at this year’s Remembrance Service,” said Cpl Glynn-Jones.

“It’s nice for the pupils to see me in a different light, as a military police corporal and not just their teacher.

“It means a lot be part of the 100th year commemorations and I am especially proud of all of the young cadets that took part in the parade in front of so many of their peers.”

Corporal Mitchell Agar, of Stockton, was asked to lead the parade to represent 100 years since the formation of The Royal Air Force.

“I have attended many remembrance events all over the country but it is especially poignant this year to be part of a local service and one which commemorates both the centenary of WWI and the RAF,” he said.

“In a time when soldiers and the armed forces face negative press it is very important to remember the sacrifices they and their families have made in the past and are still making today.”

Preceding a traditional two minute silence Haughton Academy head girl Yasmine Bains and head boy Aiden Foster read aloud the poem Flanders Field by John McCrae followed by a playing of the last post.

PE teacher Adele Norris who organised the event added: “It is very humbling to see the whole school come together to remember the courage of those who fought and died for our country and show respect for service personnel past and present.”