College boosts prospects with Restart

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016

College boosts prospects with Restart

TEENAGERS offered fresh start as part of unique college course.

TEENAGERS are being offered a fresh start as part of a unique college course designed to boost their prospects.

Darlington College has launched Restart, a programme to offer them the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to get on in life.

Young people who have struggled to find the right path since leaving school will get a second chance thanks to the pioneering initiative to get them into learning, apprenticeships or the workplace.

The 10-week course, which will run for six hours on a Thursday and Friday from November 24, will cover a host of vital skills including writing for purpose, self-analysis, how to develop career and life plans, how to use basic IT in the workplace and financial management.

It will also include placements in college offering young people an invaluable insight into a course of their choice.

“If they are curious about catering, childcare or media, for instance, we can put them in a place where they can decide whether it is right for them,” said Restart programme leader Josh Spears.

“It is low risk and all about them. It will help them decide on their future direction, they will walk away with a qualification or may decide they would like to stay on and study further at Darlington College.

“Many young people struggle to make suitable life choices when they leave school and we can help them develop the skills they need from the ground up.”

He said often young people had personal issues to deal with or ended up on the wrong course for them after leaving secondary education.

“They can lose direction, lose confidence and lose hope,” he said. “They can end up drifting through life with limited prospects.

“Here at Darlington College we feel it is our duty to support them, to try and help to change their fortunes by showing them there is a path to better prospects. There is always time to restart and we are prepared to do our utmost to help them.”

Anyone interested in the initiative can visit or call into college and talk to the admissions team or Mr Spears.