Artwork by talented New Bridge Academy students to decorate new school walls

New Bridge Academy

Friday, 7th July 2017

Artwork by talented New Bridge Academy  students to decorate new school walls

​CREATIVE art students are set to leave a lasting impression

CREATIVE art students are set to leave a lasting impression after having their images selected to brighten up the walls of a newly merged academy.

Artwork by talented students Maryjane Luke-Fox, John J and Joe Meadows has been chosen by Sunderland’s New Bridge Academy head Dave Rylance to decorate the corridors of the specialist school.

“Over the summer holidays our academy will be vacating its lower Swindon Road premises and moving the whole school onto our upper site at Hylton Castle,” he said.

“This will allow us to not only boost opportunities for students but also to invest in a variety of new occupational, educational and therapeutic services all on the one site.

“But we also wanted to brighten up the building and make it warm and welcoming for students, staff, parents and visitors. When I saw some of the incredible artwork that our own pupils were producing I knew that we had to put them on the walls to showcase their incredible talent.”

New Bridge Academy, part of The Ascent Academies Trust, meets the needs for pupils with social, emotional, behavioural and mental health issues and offers a number of vocational art courses alongside studies in photography, motor vehicle studies, construction and outdoor education.

Maryjane, 16, who has just completed her NCFE Level 2 art coursework, said: “I feel really proud that my art is going to go on display in the academy.

“Art is one of my favourite subjects, it’s really relaxing and you can be as creative as you like to produce anything you want to.

“I was thinking about a career in catering before I started this course but I’ve really enjoyed the camera work aspect to it and I’m now going on to study photography at Bede College, Sunderland, with a view to being a wedding, fashion or travel photographer in the future.”

John, 15, who is hoping to join the Army after leaving school, said: “It’s nice to have been chosen to have my work put on the walls in school for visitors to see and enjoy.

“I’ve always enjoyed drawing since I was very young as it gives you time to concentrate and use your imagination. Landscapes are my favourite.”

Trick skater Joe, 15, who is studying NCFE Level 1 art, has used his passion for scooters as inspiration for his work.

“Art helps me to focus and lets me bring two of my favourite hobbies together,” he said.

“I really like drawing scooters, making my images into collages and also making my own model scooters. I’m quite impressed that my artwork is going to go on public display.”